South Florida is Hurricane Country and we do not just mean our beloved University of Miami sports team.

HOA / Condo owners: If your home is part of an HOA, chances are your by-laws prohibit you from activating your hurricane shutters at the beginning of the season and leaving them on all summer long. Most HOA allow for them to be up from the time an official hurricane-warning has been activated until 72 hours after the all-clear. Unless you want to fly down and do it yourself, you need someone local to put them up for you. Skye Home Watch will secure them and take them down once the threat has passed, insuring you are in compliance with your HOA rules. We will review your by-laws to make sure you remain in full compliance.

Independent Homes: While you have the option of keeping your shutters up the entire hurricane season, it is a clear sign to thieves that your home is vacant. It is very convenient to shutter your house for 6 months but, since no one normally lives like that, it means no one is home and a squatter can rest assured they have a crash pad to live in until the Fall.

We will come to your property once a Hurricane Warning has been issued and remove all external projectile items (plants, wind chimes, patio furniture, etc) and activate your shutters. We will take pictures of the property so you know it is secure. Once the event is over we will return the property to its previous condition, and of course send you pictures so that you know your home has weathered the storm.

Fully licensed, bonded and insured

Home watch is a visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues.